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Consulting and design of software and network projects

Provide substructure business intelligence and data mining

Network Security

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Business Intelligence and data mining

Data analysis

Data mining solutions

Big data solutions

Web design and development

Supplying Licenses

Software designing and producing

Provide a variety of security software

Cloud computing and virtualization

Implement a dedicated cloud

Virtualization of hardware & processing resources

Network Security

Security & software penetration test

Security & network penetration test

Security & hardware penetration test

Provide general security solutions


IT security consultation

cyber defense consultation

design and development consultation

Organize security consultation


IT security training

Learning the basics of cyber defense

Preparation of educational titles

Organize security awareness classes

Along with the technology of the day

The world today, in the sense of the information age, is in the process of progress and production of science. Stay up-to-date in order to keep up with the modern world of sustainability in the marketplace.

System Influence and Sustainability Test

The statistics of security attacks and the subsequent detection of dangerous vulnerabilities in the world are growing. In the famous words, the cure should be done before the occurrence.

Support and advice

One of the reasons for the success of large and active companies in the industry is getting advice and advice from specialized companies.

Some implemented projects

Islamic Republic of Iran Telecommunication Company

Website Influence and Validation Test

Islamic Republic of Iran Railway Company

Website Influence and Validation Test

Islamic Republic of Iran Airlines and subsidiaries

Website Influence and Validation Test

Iran Khodro

Website Influence and Validation Test

Ministry of Higher Education

Website Influence and Validation Test

mellat bank

Website Influence and Validation Test









App Screenshots

App features

mobile App & pannel

Intelligent Transportation Management

Intercept truck

Save time and fuel

Reduce maintenance costs

Turn ratings

mobile App & pannel

Reduce time and cost of scheduling

Creating Manager Satisfaction

Accurate scheduling

Optimal use of space

Reducing the time lose

mobile App

Save time and money

Market control

Help improve the situation

Time Management

Easy Shopping

Desktop App

Increase production per unit area

Reduce water intake

Reduce current costs

Optimal production

High efficiency

“ The terms and concepts that I have learned from the specialists of Data Company Kavan Apadana have made me always have a solution to the problems in all situations. ”

Mohsen Alipour

“ In the current sensitive environment, it always seems to be a matter of ensuring the security of computer networks. The periodic and comprehensive testing of data specialists at Kavan Apadana is a special encouragement to the collection ”

mehdi Razmjoo

“Apadana Company offers the best training courses on network security and application development”

Ahmad Rashidi

“Security is one of the most important challenges nowadays, and active companies, including Cavan Apadana data, are the pioneers of this field. ”

Shayan Ranjbar

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

Some of our customers

Some of our customers